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Barazas are an excellent platform for engaging the community - more of a social affair where the community gathers to raise awareness, share knowledge, ideas, network (form relationships). Barazas are ways to bring large and diverse group of people together at a short notice. Common types of barazas are residents’ meetings in a given area to discuss issues that affect them. There are many residents’ association meetings that take place in estates on weekly or monthly basis.

When organising a baraza it is important that you identify topics for discussion in advance. This is important because otherwise you may have too many issues up for discussion without a clear direction or resolution to any of them.  Therefore, cover one or two topics at a time. When planning a baraza, you should also decide if there would be any refreshments served and how you will pay for them. Since barazas take the form of social gatherings it makes sense to arrange some sort of entertainment. Using cultural and traditional forms of entertainment will promote greater social cohesion among communities.

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