The Citizen Handbook

The Constitution of Kenya, 2010: The People’s Power

The History of Constitutional Reform in Kenya

2008: Constitution of Kenya Review Act

The Constitution was identified as an important tool for improving national cohesion following the 2007/2008 post-election violence. Kenyans viewed its framework as inadequate to meet the challenges of national cohesion and did not support good governance.
 In response to this, the National Assembly passed The Constitution of Kenya Review Act (No. 9 of 2008), which facilitated an assessment of the constitution. The Act established the following organs as the legal institutions to develop and adopt a new constitution:
 ·         The Committee of Experts (COE)was to blend past constitutional proposals and create a harmonized and, later, draft Constitution;
 ·         The Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC)was to review and edit the Harmonized Draft Constitution developed by the COE;
·         The National Assemblywas to review and edit the Proposed Draft Constitution developed by COE and PSC; and
 ·         The Referendum was for all citizens to vote to accept or reject the Proposed Constitution.

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