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The Constitution of Kenya, 2010: The People’s Power

The Constitution of Kenya, 2010: My Constitution, My Future

The Constitution, the Nation, the People,and the Values

Sovereignty of the People and Supremacy of the Constitution

The Constitution says that it derives its power from the people, and the persons in positions of leadership or the various institutions of governance should only exercise that power on behalf of the people. The Constitution further states that the people shall exercise their power directly or indirectly through their chosen representative(s).

An emphasis on the sovereignty of the people in the Constitution represents an important change from previous constitutions in terms of the relationship between the people of Kenya and both governing institutions and people in positions of leadership.Finally, the Constitution is the ‘supreme law’ in the country, meaning that every citizen is bound to it and is required to respect and adhere to its rules and principles.

Defending the Constitution

The Constitution requires citizens to defend it when necessary. Any citizens may defend the constitution either acting on their own behalf or on the behalf of others. This also includes citizens acting as a member of a group or in the public interest.

Guiding Values for Kenyans

Article 10 of the Constitution outlines the values that all citizens, particularly leaders, should apply when implementing any action required by the Constitution. These values seek to ensure that all citizens live a life of dignity, equity, and fairness. The Constitution also defines what the Republic of Kenya is and what it stands for, including its territorial borders. It further sets the qualifications for, and the rights of, citizens. Additionally, it explains that culture is a foundation of the State and creates an obligation on the government to promote and protect culture.

Application & Implication

The Constitution aims to change and improve the way we govern our country. It contains provisions that acknowledge the fact that all sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya. Citizens will now have an opportunity to get involved and participate in the decision-making process. They will also play a role in ensuring accountability on the part of leaders, public servants, and officers of the State. Finally, the Constitution improves the planning, governance, and service provision with adequate funding at the county and sub-county level.

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